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    Today I put up a swarm box (5 frame nuc with frmes of foundation as I have no old brood comb) with a swarm lure from mann it too late for swarms in Kansas and what is the sucess with is in a cedar tree about 10 feet up......before I moved a hive to town here there were bees working the dandilions in my yard....any chances?

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    I figure I get a swarm in about one in ten swarm boxes I set. But location is everything. If I get one, I make sure I set one again the next year. The bees have been swarming for a few weeks already but I'm sure they are not done in your part of the country yet.

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    I lost a massive one last weekend, and this weekend I split a hive that was showing all the signs of swarming.

    I broke it down and found six to eight swarm cells, so I made a nine frame split. Later I found a split I had made in early May that had a laying worker, so I robbed one of the frames with two queen cells and inserted it into the LW hive. I have a tiny two frame swarm from somewhere that I could have inserted, but thought I would have better luck if I put queen cells in the LW hive.

    When you stack supers on for the flow you don't know when you are going to get bound up and cause a swarm. Watching the entrances will give you a heads up, but that is generally after they have decided to swarm.

    On placing swarm traps. I think that I have caught more further away from the yard than in it. I would suggest that you place it at least one hundred yards away from the parent hives. If you don't have any old comb, use some fresh comb that you have scraped off the inner cover. It does not have to look like comb, it just needs to be smelly wax. The smell of honey will bring the scouts in to check out the box.


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