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    We had a beekeeper come and get a hive of wild bees out of a couple of year old home in the wall of a shed ... we need to work on the shed and figured the bees wouldn't appreciate the hammering and sawing and such ... well, seeing all of what was going on got us interested in getting a hive going and learning about all this ... when the beekeeper removed the comb and bees from the wall after cutting the boards away he said it was "green" and "uncapped" so it was bad for us to eat ... is that true? I just read in a book that you can eat it but it can spoil fast ... also, can we put frames inside the wall of the shed if we put the boards back and have them set up to take off easily? ... i've even thought of putting a glass plate on the inside wall with a shade so we could look inside the wall if the bees come back ... any thoughts on that? we're completely new to all this ....

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    green honey has a higher water content,it's not bad for you but has a tendancy to ferment.

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    As Hoosier said, It's true you can eat it, but it won't keep and it will ferment.


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