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Karla, you're saying every 7 days. So when is the range of dates you would be on that schedule? When would you begin to worry in the spring, and when would you begin to worry less about them swarming? Just trying to get a sense of what kind of work a full yard of nucs could be.
you have 16 days for the new queen to emerge- so looking every 2 weeks in theory should be enough. I say looking every 7 days because I am not always adept at seeing that egg or larvae housed in the queen cup until that cup is bigger and more clearly a queen cell- so that is potentially 3 days right there I miss at a minimum... and the cell is capped at 9, and they swarm early, so I came up with 7 days being the schedule I need to aim for if I can.
I figure we are about 1 month ahead of you more or less. April 1st is generally when swarming starts. Later April more average. We seldom have strong Fall flow so I don't worry much about later swarms, although they do happen.