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    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Received my Maryland State Beekeeper Periodical last week. In it was a recipe for Sugar Candy to be given to the bees if their stores are low before March.

    15 pounds of sugar
    3 pounds of white corn syrup
    4 cups of water
    1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar

    Boil the mixture to 242 degrees (use a candy thermometer)
    Let syrup cool to 180 degrees and beat with a mixer until it thickens. Pour candy into molds.

    Now my daughter was sick this week and we did alot of baking. I mentioned this recipe and she wanted to give it a try.

    I recommend you half this recipe. I needed a really big pot. Wound up using two. I used cupcake pans as a mold. Sprayed the pan with oil. It yielded 5 dozen cupcake sized molds. It was pretty cool actually and a lot of fun. Hope you have a dishwasher.

    What are some methods of feeding this candy to the bees? How many pattys, etc. I'm interested in your opinions.


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    Around here people make a "lid" sort of like a telescopic cover, but deeper and with a rim inside so that the rim rests on the edge of the top box. They are usually just a 1 x 4 frame with plywood to make a lid and a 1 x 2 rim inside of that. They pour the candy directly into the lid and put the lid on top of the hive with or without an inner cover. I would suppose you could put the cakes you have on top of the inner cover and an empty box on the inner cover to make the space and a cover on top of that. Or you could put some cakes on the tops of the frames and an empty box, to make the space and a cover on top of that, but you'd have to be careful to check on things as soon as the bees are flying in the spring so they don't build comb in that space.


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