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    Ok, well I have read that facing your hives southeast/east, will help the bees get moving earlier because they will get the light from the morning. I thought about this,but the place where I have my hive is at the edge of some woods. It is facint west at the moment, and I'm not sure if you can even see the sunrise facing the east into the trees. Does this really matter??

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    Not really (IMO). It would be better to have them in a spot where they could get some morning sunlight, but if this is where they have to be, so be it.

    Gregg Stewart

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    I try to take into account the prevailing wind and the people traffic and bee traffic and come up with what I think will work best. Usually that's east or south or somewhere in between. But in reality the BAD storms always seem to be from some other direction than the prevailing winds anyway.


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