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    Dzug Guest


    I have read here about removing frames of foundation that is old because of chemical contamination. What is the general procedure? Do you remove a few at a time? It wouldn't be a good idea to remove brood would it? Can it somehow be worked to the side and out of the system once all the eggs have been laid?

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    BILLY BOB Guest


    Well Dzug if you use chemicals you need to replace your wax more often than most of us.

    I bought 2 nucs this year and I know the frames and wax in them have been exposed to alot of chemicals.

    After putting the nuc into a 10 frame deep box. Every week or so I've put a new frame from the side into the middle of the old nuc frames. Slowly letting the hive pull out the new frames and letting the queen take to them.

    When the frames get to the end. The frames will have little or no brood, and mostly honey. I pull the frame, extract the honey, and feed it back to the hive.

    Billy Bob


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