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    Is there really someone from the state to inspect the hives?and if so how or who do I contact? Thanks for the respondes to all my questions.

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    I can't say about New York but a lot of states in the midwest have recently cut their inspection programs. The confusing thing to me is that I look up the law on the web and it says there are inspections. I called the Nebraska department of Agriculture and they sent me copies of those same laws. I wrote them back asking about news reports I found that the inspections were dropped and they say, yes they have been dropped there are no more inspections. Very ambigious. Then I asked them if I can get them inspected anyway. I can but only if I am shipping bees to a state that requires and only if I pay out of my pocket for the inspection.

    Good luck.

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    New York State does have inspectors and they will do inspections of your hives. There are not very many and they spread thin. They are with the NYS Dept Agriculture. I do not have the phone number for them, but I will ask around as some of the people in our club have had their hives inspected. You could also try calling your county Cornell Cooperative Extension and they may have this info.


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