Well, I had two colonies with laying workers and introduced laying nucs last week without shaking the laying worker hives out.
The results--one hive with a queen who is laying very well and no evidence of any worker eggs (stuck on the sides of the cell, etc). There is no sign of the other queen in the other hive and the brood chamber is a mess of, the now quite annoying, drone brood. Its like a bad singles bar in there, all males and scant females.

Part of me wants to try again just to "not let the drones get the best of me" and have another hive to overwinter. The other part wants to shake the hive and be done with it.

Perhaps I am taking a poll here? Walk away or stay and fight?

Two questions though. 1. How do the bees assimilate into a another hive? Won't they be treated like robbers?
2. The workers are laying in normal comb. Will this stretch out the indivdual cells that the next years queen will lay drones in?

Maybe I should try to sell packaged drones

Thanks for the help!