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    Thanks to some help from this board, I was able to find some late season 5 frame nucs. They should arrive by mail (not sure how good that will work) early next week.

    My plan is to transfer the frames into my awaiting new 8 frame hives set up with top feeders. Then when appropriate add the second brood super.

    Is this a good plan? Our daytime temps are in the upper 80's (headed to 90's) and nightime temps are in the low 70's (SE Texas) so I am not too concerned about hive temperature.

    Any suggestions? Anyone had any luck with mailorder nucs?



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    Considering your temps right now, maybe you could just put them in two eight frame boxes if you want. They should fill one fairly quickly.

    I do tend toward keeping them a bit crowded at first so they don't have to expend a lot of energy trying to maintain the temperature in the hive. If you do put them in just one eight frame box, I'd check in a couple of weeks and see if they need more room.


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