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    Hi all
    Is it best to put the frames back the same way they came out? the reason I ask is I am treating a neighbor bees with FGMO and THymol in a effort to keep my hive mite free and I see him mixing think up. like moving empty frames to the center and turning the brood chambers 180 when reversing. while I only take 1 frame out at a time and slide thing over then back to where they were. takes long but I would not want someone moving my stuff around.I have only one he has 6 but I take his advice with a grain of salt.

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    Well I like to leave things alone for the most part. But at times I add a frame and move things around if the bees seem to be getting bound or crowded. If he is well exerienced he my be doing things just fine. However total colony surgury and remanipulation usually can stunt things at times. Sometimes bees can do well inspite of there keepers though ;> )Watch how his bee perform for him, if he is doing "bad" things it will show itself later on.


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    If you don't have a good reason to rearrange things, it's best to put frame back the way they were. First, there is often some comb protruding from one frame and an indentation on the one next to it to match. You flip it around and sometimes the protrusion is now blocking some brood that can't emerge or it has to be removed by the bees to manitain bee space. But if you have a good reason to move them, then do. Sometimes you add an empty frame or some empty comb to free up a brood nest etc. Or to replace a frame of brood you pulled for a split.


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