Hi, I'm Mike
I began my first year of beekeeping last spring. My interest in it is just curiosity, like feeding and watching birds-observation. I acquired a split from a local beekeeper and a package from a nearby supplier in order to weigh the benifits each . What I have learned about bees in year one of "doing" rather than reading has given me the fever. I have learned that:

1)all bees are equal, they need a proper house and good food, and they excell and prosper when conditions are met(challenge 1).
2) When you are with your bees do what you feel is helping(go with your instincts) and experiment even if you don't know-next time you can repeat or try again.
3) to reach a self-suficieint,human hands off, state of beeing, one must rear queens//go genetic no easy way=educate

Just Mumblin