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Thread: Water for bees

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    I have an a well house on the farm. It is made out of concrete blocks, with a concrete 36-inch round tile. the well has a concrete cover with a hole where the pipe was that wend down to the water. the walls of the well house does not have a cover, which is open to the stars. I'm planning on putting my first hive on the concrete lid. There is a pond, 100-yards away from the well house. Is that to far away for the bees, or do i need to move them closer to a water sorce?will the bees go down into the well for water? the water is only about 18-feet down. I have numerous springs on the place where i could locate them. the reason for putting them on top of the well is for the ---- wild hogs we have roaming the woods.

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    Water 100 yards away is plenty close. I would worry about the swarms, but you can close off any openings with #8 hardware cloth to keep them out.


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