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    Hello all!

    When I was attending the formic acid seminar, the teacher who has 1000's of hives told us this cool trick he used for inner covers. He used a squire piece of carpet.

    interesting I thought!

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    dtwilliamson Guest


    I guess it might work... I would just think it would trap moisture and how would the bees move around on top of the frames...can't imagine you could get bee space with carpet.


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    A piece of canvas works for an inner cover. It's why some still call it a "quilt" board. That's what I'm using on my double and quadruple mating nucs.

    But they get propolized a lot and are stuck to each frame whenever you open them.

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    Nothing too terribly unusual about using carpet or something similar. In Russia they use cut-to-size, old horse blankets. These can be made quite thick for insulation purposes during the winter.

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    I have been using heavy canvas as inner covers. Bought it very cheap from a discount store and cut it to size.
    I don't have problems with it sticking...well it does, but you can peel it back like pulling off a bandaid and the frames don't come up with it like occasionally they do with a burr-combed up regular top cover.
    I have plywood top covers which I use if necessary for feeding by way of a mason jar inserted in the hole (thanks for that idea MB). Bee space hasn't been an issue. Ventilation occurs through the canvas.
    For the record I just copy what the Apiculture dept. at the U of Guelph does as my own experience is not extensive.



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