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    I’ve been looking around for a small scale cheap pollen substitute (I don’t have pollen to make a supplement with just yet), and one of the descriptions I’ve found called for “skim milk powder (not instant)” perhaps I just don’t know what I’m doing, but what is the difference between instant milk and powdered milk? I’ve been to the grocery store and all they sell is powdered milk that is also labeled as instant, what am I missing here, or is it just an error in the book?

    I’ve also tried going to the local health food stores, but items such as brewers yeast and soy flour are several dollars a pound and mail order would likely be cost prohibitive for the amount I need.

    (by the way my source is The Beekeeper’s Handbook 3rd edition by Dianna Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile p62)

    I’d like to have some stuff on hand just in case as I have not seen my bees bring in any pollen. Though this is just the second day I’ve had them, and the first day they have been even the least bit active due to poor weather.
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    &gt;“skim milk powder (not instant)”

    Most of the powdered milk sold in grocery stores is non-fat dry milk, which I think would be skim milk powder. There are a few (very few) brands that sell powdered milk containing some cream. I’d suspect that’s the difference. On the previous page in Sammataro’s book she also cautions that milk sugars lactose and galactose are toxic to bees. ‘The Hive and the Honey Bee’ also carries that caution and it also mentions powdered milk as an ingredient that has been used in pollen substitutes. Is there no milk sugar in powdered skim milk??? Who out there knows?

    &gt;I have not seen my bees bring in any pollen

    The bees up here in Anchorage are bringing in willow pollen like crazy right now, and the dandelions should be up pretty soon. What’s up with you guys down there in NM?

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    Yes there is lactose (aka milk sugar) in non-fat dry milk.
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