Hello everybody. I am a first time poster, and first time beekeeper. A few weeks ago, I installed my 2nd super (hope I got the name right) because the outer 2 frames in the first one were stating to become occupied.
Last night, I checked the frames in the new level, and almost all are drawn out and have honey in them. Even the outer 2 are being drawn out.
Only a few of the combs are capped, and it seems to me the upper frames are full of honey, not brood, which strikes me as odd for some reason (the lower frames are kind of mixed).
Now, I started with a nuc in early June, and I was sort of expecting I might not see any honey for myself this year.
It may sound stupid, but does this sound alright? Did I do something dumb? Although I seem to have plenty of bees, is the lack of brood in the upper frames a sign of a missing queen?
Assuming I'm just lucky (or skilled ), what do I do now? Should I wait for the frames to be capped before adding a queen excluder and a 3rd super?

Just in case it makes a difference, I have about 110 acres, including about 30 with clover/alfalfa hay which was just cut. I have been feeding 5 pounds sugar/5 gallons water since I installed my bees.