I hived my package on Friday, late afternoon. I purchased a 3lb. package of Italians with a Russian Queen from Kelly's.
Bees looked real healthy and everything went OK. Left 5 frames out of the hive like the instructions said. I have an entrance feeder on and have the entrance reduced. I put grass in the entrance like the instructions said to. On Sat. I observed the bees(didn't open hive just watched from outside)and they're working their butts off. Grass was out of the entrance Sat. morning and they were cleaning out the hive, dead bees that were in the bottom of the package when I dumped it. Hey, it didn't say anything in the instructions about the dead bees, not many though. They even pulled out a little piece of the masonite board that fell off the package when I dumped it! Late Sat. and Sun. I've watched them making flights and hauling in pollen. They've almost emptied a quart of 1:1 sugar water.
Now for the questions. How long should I keep the hive entrance reduced? I plan on putting in the 5 frames I removed and cking on the queen on the 3rd. day. When should I add another super? Should I use another hive body or a shallow super? Should I use a baggie feeder or is the entrance the best at this time? Should I add grease patties(crisco & sugar)? Are there any treatments or monitoring I should do at this time? I learned about bees quite a while ago so all these mites are something new.
Thanks in advance for any help. If it helps at all I'm in E. TN.