I've got a few ideas to run by you folks. A little background, I'm a newbee with two spring packages and a July caught swarm.I kinda figured mite control was something I would take care of in the fall, but after reading this list for awhile I've got some issues with throwing a couple strips of insecticide in a colony of expensive insects. Or as an old local beekeeper said, "Just taking my chances,because package hives aren't much more expensive than the medication." I'm thinking of retro-fitting old bottom boards into SBBs first of all just to see how bad mite problem really is. I've access to a bunch of old equipment and was thinking of sitting SBB on top of an old shallow bulk comb super (which I have oodles of). After of course putting sticky paper underneath to check mite fall. I was wondering how this set-up would work over winter? Your thoughts?