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    When i moved a hive today, i have 2-deep brood boxes. i noticed that the bottom hive box wasn't drawn on some of the frames. The upper brood box was completely drawn out, and was filled with nector, and some open brood cells. I have been feeding a 1/1 syrup for a month. There is a full shallow box full of honey, that may be contaminated. I going to stop feeding, and let them use up there honey stores. My thinking is, i then can pull the shallow off for medication. Am i doing this right? should i have done this differently?

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    One of the things you could do on a regular basis is to manipulate the frames. Exchange the outer frames that are not fully drawn with a fully drawn and filled frame. Put the full frame on the outside and pull the bare/empty frame inwards. I will typically put them next to the brood without splitting the brood area.

    Some colonies will just chimney up the center totally ignoring the outer two frames, using the center six. Manipulating is the only way to get them to fill the brood area. A lot of this depends on how fast you add boxes. I would rather have a little too much room than not enough.


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