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    this is my second year keeping bees, i have 9 hives and the last 2 days the temperature has been a high of 60 and the lows in the upper 40's. all my hives in the evening look almost like there are no bees around exept for 1 hive which was a split i did this year. i was just out there at about 8 and the bees look like they are oozing out of the entrance (same as yesterday). this hive is doing ok with 1 super drawn about 75% so i put 1 more super on this morning thinking maybe they needed more room, did not seem to help. also when i put on the super this morning i put it below the 1st super. thanks in advance, bob

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    Once it gets to 50 F there will be NO bees at all flying. You have lows in the 40's it will take a while for them to get going in the morning and they will be going slow in the evening.


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