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Thread: Fume Boards

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    Does anyone make their own fume boards?

    I would think it was just a piece of wood with some cloth that would soak up the liquid.

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    Years back I got a few used 6" supers of questional history, so I cut them down to about 2 inches. I use pizza delivery boxes, which fit over the mini supers, cutting off the surplus. I sprinkle the Bee-Go directly onto the cardboard. They work just fine for me.
    After when I'm done, I trash the cardboard.

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    A proper fume board has a cloth in contact
    with a metal (or, in some models) plastic
    "solar panel" that heats up in the sun.

    If you are not taking advantage of either
    sun or a breeze, you are likely using far
    too much repellent, and leaving it on for
    far too long, thus contaminating your
    honey. You can find the details at

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    I have not tried a breeze board, but I bet they would work great.I make fume boards by cutting down old bee boxes to 2 inches, staple an old towel and rolled tin on top and paint black. Seems to clear bees as fast as the store bought fume boards. Bee quick works great for me. The only problem is that it smells so good I have to fight the urge to drink it.

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    I made mine by just cutting some 1x2 to size made no fancy joints, covered it with roof flashing. I glued a piece of an old felt blanket to the inside of the lid and painted the outside of it black. Works great! Make 2 of them so you donÂ’t have to stand around waiting for it to work; you can have one working on the 2nd hive while you are pulling the first. Good Luck


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