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Thread: bee movement

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    the last few days 1 of my hives which was a split i did this year has been growing pretty fast, they just about have there 2nd brooder full (about 80%) this was when i noticed them on the landing board rocking back and forth moving there front legs back and forth. today it was hot and humid about 90 they were working good but the landing board was covered with bees rocking back and forth moving there front legs back and forth and there not fanning their wings. they look frantic. this has to mean something im sure but i don't know what it is. thanks

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    I was just reading about this last night -- page 314 of The Hive and the Honeybee. They simply call it the "rocking" or "washboard" behavior that usually occurs on warm evenings near the hive entrance. Apparently they are using their mandibles and front legs to scrape and polish the hive surfaces.

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