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    I inspected hive today found virtually no brood in lower deep mostly honey, upper deep where I had baited up two frames contained, again mostly honey but on the two frames brought up i found fresh larvae and a new queen scurrying away. Definately not mine .
    Two or three swarm cells found. I added a shallow super. I'm hoping that nature will take it's course and the new queen the bees have reared will do just fine even though most of the lower is filled now with honey. I wwon't use a queen excluder and if the new queen lays in the shallow I guees i will just have to put on an excluder with the next shallow. help always apprictiated thanks.

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    Is there any room near the open brood in the deeps for the queen to lay? If not I'd pull a frame or two of honey and put in a frame or two of either drawn comb or foundation. If there is some room they may move some of the honey, if it's not capped and make some more room.


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