I'm asking this on this particular forum so I may get answers and not cause a pro vs. con issue on the FGMO forum, or get into a "your not doing it correct" issue.

Is there anyone , for whatever reason they may have, JUST using the cotton cords soaked with FGMO? This being without the fogger.

Has there been any success on ANY LEVEL or studies/personal trials on just the CORDS? I am looking at % or estimate of effectiveness.

How long will the cotton cords remain before they need replaced, on average?

In response to reading the praise that a recent new beekeeper recieved on fogging a new hive and attributing the fogging to eliminating v-mites, I am also asking for experienced beekeepers that have actually tried other v-mite options, know how to properly test for mites, and have comments on the application of FGMO on hives testing for mites to start with.

Thank You