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Thread: Chimney Smoke

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    My Neighbour tends to use his fire place late at night. The smoke is light but it fills the backyard with a light smoke smell occasionally. I was wondering if this would have an effect on the bees. It is late at night would this cause the bees to take up honey ?

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    I burn wood all the time in my fire place and I doesn't seem to bother the bees which are only forty yards away. Also, just last week I smoked a bee working a Dandelion and she didn't even flinch. She just kept on working the flower and then moved to another. So, it is my guess that it doesn't seem to bother them like the smoker does inside the hive.

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    Its starting to get cold here but we still have glorious days.

    I wouldnt think that smoking a bee on a flower or flying would have any effect.

    Im more concerned of the smoke getting into the hive where the bees may think there is a fire and get ready to swarm.

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