I checked my bees yesterday after leaving them alone for a week. I had pulled the excluder and put another deep on. The shallow was 80% filled with sealed honey and still had a little drone brood in one frame. They had started drawing a little bit of comb in the new deep. I installed a "Candibox" feeder in the new deep with two frames of foundation inside. I put it in the top deep because the bottom had fully drawn comb and brood and honey and pollen. I poured in 2.5 quarts of sugar syrup and put the hive back together. I went back in the house and came back out about 1/2 hour later. The bees were flying everywhere. I wasn't sure if they were swarming or what, but they were just coming in and going out in a frenzy, and hovering all around the hive entrance. After a while they settled down a little. Is this to be expected, or what else might be going on?