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    This may be a stupid question and for that i appolagize (im new)... Is there a way to tell a virgin queen from a bred queen???

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    Hi if you mean the difference between a virgin queen and a mated queen, the mated queen will be fatter and she will walk more slowly. The worker bees will react to her in a different way, ie they will form a 'court' around her and generally pay her a lot more attention.

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    Thanks for this interesting question. If you have the fatter queen that just emerged within a few hours then you really cannot tell the difference. Only know that they are still wet and fuzzy. I have 3 queens that maintain their shape from emerging to laying phase. I cannot tell any difference because I don't look at them everyday to notice. Some queens will stay this way because that is the shape they are.
    Even after mating she still get fat. But on the second season their size will double to lay more eggs. You will notice the head and body are a lot bigger compare to first year.
    A virgin sometime will maintain its size if not mated in a week or so. But if she is mated then her body will be
    a bit longer so she could touch the bottom of a long cell to lay.
    The first one is a big fat virgin and the second one is a laying queen from last year. I don't notice too much differences in them.
    Both have bees surrounding them once they are recognized as a queen.
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    Virgin queens are definitely smaller and faster.


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