exactly two weeks ago I bought two bee packages and I hived them on the same day. I put empty frames and fed sugar as per normal procedure. Also, I hanged the queen cages as advised in all beekeeping books. Two days later, I released the queens and everything was nice and normal. Two days later again I had a check and I found that they are building combs normally. Activities at entrance are also normal.

Today, I achecked the hives and in one of the two I found something mysterious:

I found abount ten queen cells, all capped except one (not sure hatched or not yet capped). I also found a queen but also not sure if she is the same one came with the package.

I wounder what happened. There are two possibilities for the queen I saw today:

- Assuming the original queen died few days after releasing, there are not enough time for her to lay eggs that could be developed to queen cells. This is because foundations were not enough drawn. Also, there is not enough time for the queen cell to hatch, because I saw a queen today.

- Assuming the queen I saw today is the same one came with the packege, then why there are queen cells?

Can anyone help me to solve this mystry?