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    I caught a swarm last year and had nothing to put them in but medium supers. One had some honey and the other drawn comb. They were from some winter expired colony. They didn't do much last year and I really didn't expect them to winter, but they did. I put another med. super on in May and they filled it with honey(no extruder she just didn't go up). I put another under it, they filled it . Same with no. 3. Number 4 I put on yesterday. Now what should I do about them being in the med. supers? Leave them alone, swap them out gradually, or what. They are still just brooding in those 2 med.supers. What are the disadvantages of having them in that??

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    I keep all mine in mediums. It's very useful in many ways.

    First it makes the boxes lighter. If you've every lifted a full deep you'll understand. It's true if there is brood in it, it's not so heay, but sometimes a deep ends up full of honey and it weights 90 pounds.

    Second, all the same size meand you can put honey from supers in the hives for winter feed if they are light, you can bait up a super with some brood if they don't want to move up because the frames fit both places.

    Third, it's easy to keep track of your equipment when all the boxes and all the frames are interchanble.

    I moved all mine from deeps to mediums. I think I still have two deep boxes with some bees in them. The rest, with the expeption of a TBH and a Dadant deep are all on mediums.

    I currently have about 40 hives.


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