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    Every thing went all right, except i forgot to put another full size brood box on top of the rubber baned brood comb that i took from the tree. I added the extra brood box today using 4.9mm starter strips. when i smoked them i had a queen excluder under the top entrance. The bees were under the excluder, while i was trying to smoke them down into the brood box, they wouldn't go down. I pulled the empty hive box off, with the excluder still on it, to keep bees from flying out. I am feeding syrup with a rapid feeder that i added today. i had a frame feeder already in place in the empty box. I hope they will settle down. I will check feed in 10-days. they hadn't used but about 1-inch of the syrup in the frame feeder. i guess they had no where to really use it.

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    Did you see the queen? If she's under the excluder I don't think they'll leave. Usually the brood is enough to hold them anyway.


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