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Thread: Surplus honey

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    Weather was super today in E TN. Opened all of my hives as the bees were really flying. All 3 hives have plenty of stores left. One hive actually has a complete super that it really doesn't need. Is it worth it to extract 1 super? Or is there a way to store it until extracting time? This honey is fine for consumption as no chemicals were used on the hive.

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    I depends on what you have available and how long you want to store it. The wax moths will get in it eventually, but they usually don't get bad until summer. I've stored them for three months inside the house, but eventually the moths get in them. If the ants find them you'll probably wish you hadn't, but usually the ants didn't find mine.

    Still the best place to store it is on a hive. The bees will keep the ants out and the moths out and keep it the right temperature.

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