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    I took some closeup shots last evening with my digital camera set to Macro and sitting on the edge of the landing strip. Take a look at my web page at There are 5 pictures but the links are just numbers 1-5, below a thumbnail of a bee coming in for a landing. I was very delighted how well they turned out.

    If you have trouble accessing the website, please try again, it has been finicky today.

    Michael Mundy

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    Fabulous pictures. Tell me what camera you used.

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    Nice photos Mike, and cool website too. I loved the idea of different families adopting a super and decorating them.

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    Big Grin

    Thanks for your compliments. I used a Toshiba PDRM25 2.2 megapixel. With the Macro setting, the camera could focus only 2" ahead of the lense.

    The adopt-a-super program was intended to supply me with plenty of supers that someone else would pay for. The deal was, they had to paint their super in any bright color other than white, or they had to decorate a white one. I got some very creatively decorated supers! I charged $30 and promised 30 pounds of honey, which is a great deal for them. The advantage to me was that I didn't have to pay in spring and wait till harvest and sales in August to compensate for the hit to my savings account. And I get to use that equipment forever after for my own honey interests. I'll keep the fancy paint-jobs as long as they last.

    Unfortunately this year the honey flow has been very bleek in Missouri. I'm not sure I'll have 30 pounds for each of the 9 families that adopted supers. I may have to make another deal with them, give some cash back or hold some honey next year for them. Notwithstanding that, it has been a great experience.

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    Awesome shots Michael, especially #1. Thanks for sharing.


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