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    Amongst the auction items I got last fall was a hot knife.

    Also there was a flimsy tin box that plugs in and has an outlet. There is a lever that looks likeit has 3 points of contact as the lever moves. One electrical lead goes to the outlet and one goes to what look like 2 heating elements or perhaps big resisters???

    Is this a thermostatic control for the hot knife??
    Looks fairly unsafe to me and has no markings I can see.....

    Any ideas??

    Sure wish we could post pics....
    Closing in on retirement.......

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    Sounds like a 3-position "cool", "warmer", "hot",
    control for something or other. What are the
    color bands or markings on the resistors?

    There likely is no actual thermostat in that
    at all - it would be no more than a primitive
    "dimmer switch".

    If you have a volt meter, you could check it
    out, and see what it does, but any electrical
    supply store could sell you a much nicer
    variable linear rheostat to feed your uncapping
    knife in a MUCH safer package, or at least sell
    you the rheostat and a nice box to screw it
    into yourself.

    > Sure wish we could post pics....

    Yeah, I assume that "UBB Code Images not
    permitted" implies that "UBB Code Images
    are possible if someone would say "OK".

    Let's give it a whirl with a photo of SHB
    invading hives in Britain:

    nope... "I canna give ye warp 11 captain, the
    dilithium crrrystals will crrrack fer sure!"

    If someone wants to petition the powers
    that be about this, there are a wide
    variety of different image hosting servers
    out there that are free, such as, so the BeeSource
    server itself would not have to host the

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    It sounds like you're describing an embedder to push wire into wax foundation. Here's a picture of the one I have:

    That what you're talking about?
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    Thanks Scotty but no it is not like that.

    It is all steel and about 3" x 3" x 9".

    I am leaning heavily toward a knife thermostat control......... and it will probably go in the garbage. Looks to dangerous to even plug in Not even a grounded plug!!
    Closing in on retirement.......


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