Just recently I contacted a family member of an old man that had bees. I was informed that I was welcome to have a bunch of old hives and supers to keep them from rotting because the old fellow was now in a home (Alzhiemers). Only catch was, seeing as how the new caretaker of the place is allergic to bees , I'll have to work the one remaining hive of bees. No problem, they were pretty agressive, but they yielded quite a bit of honey. I began gathering the remaining equipment and was puzzled by the amount of eight frame equipment. A lot of my granfathers stuff, that I started out with, was eight frame too. Why did the old timers use this stuff. Lighter maybe? I noticed a lot of deeps. Anyhow I'm looking forward to when I can catch a swarm of these bees because they appear to have been doing their own thing for several years. Anyone know how to attach foundation to a one pound honey box,A.K.A "Killion super"? I've got a bunch of them.