Third year beekeeper in Memphis, TN. Two hives in my back yard.

It's been a crazy winter - snow one week, 75 degrees the next. My bees are flying like crazy, and bringing in tons of pollen, and putting up some honey.

One hive was brand-new going into the winter, so it has one hive body, and I've been feeding it throughout the winter.

Second hive was pretty strong going into the winter, new queen, lots of bees, and LOTS of honey stores for winter.

As I said, both hives are flying now, and the smaller hive is rearing brood. Larger hive is NOT. I went through it yesterday, and there's no brood at all. However, the queen is new as of last fall, and there's tons of honey. I'm worried that the honey is crowding the queen so that she may not lay, and in fact, may swarm. I don't have any drawn comb to put in the hive. I'm wondering if adding a super now would convince these bees to move some honey up top, and give her room to lay.

I've already reversed my hive bodies on this hive, by the way.

Any ideas?

David Scott