Was in the hive this weekend. As this was my first winter, I left all the honey for the bees. Well as it turns out it looks like they are going to have plenty to take them through till spring. So I harvested (1) frame just to see what my honey taste like. I couldn't resit as I have been wanting some since August last year. i don't own an extractor I plan to use the one that belong's to our local club should a large crop be produced. But I scraped this fram down to the foundation, and strained it all through a colander the first time. Then I strained it through cheescloth into a glass coffee pot. I have about six cups of honey as a result of this process. It was great fun form me and my almost 4 yr. old daughter. Beekeeping has been a great hobby for us, she helps with everything including checking the hives. Anyways I would like to hear experinces of other squeezers, pressers, and hand extractors. I didn't think it was that bad or tiresome of a project of course I only did one frame. can one give the wax back to the hive - will the bees reuse the wax?