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    i know i need bees and hives , anyone know where the best place to get stuff from please tell me, becuz i really dont know to much but i would like to learn and that might be helpful please let me know thank you for your time and your help


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    Call your local county extension service and ask who raises bees in your area. Call them and buy a nuc from them and also see if they have any old basic equipment for sale.

    Order catalogs for the stuff that you can't get locally.

    That's a start.


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    Your profile doesn't say where you are from. There are lots of suppliers of bee equipment. The best one for you will depend on price and shipping. Usually a closer one will be cheaper because of shipping, but you just have to include both to make a decision. has a lot of links to suppliers. I buy things from multiple suppliers because some things I can only find one place and some things are the cheapest at another place. I buy from Walter T Kelly, Mann Lake, Dadant, Western Bee Supply, Bee-Commerce, the Beeworks, Brushy Mt. Bee Supply When I was in Western Nebraska and Wyoming I bought more from Western Bee Supply because it was closer than I do now that I'm in Eastern Nebraska.

    I suppose Bee-Commerce is seldom the cheapest but they have things no one else seems to like Honey Bee Healthy and very nice top feeders. Brushy Mt is usually good prices and they have some things no one else does. Dadant has some things no one else does. Walter T. Kelly has good quality and good prices and has some harvest and other equipment that seems to be unique to them. At least I haven't seen them a lot of other places, like a wax tube fastener.

    I agree, the best thing is to try to find a beekeeper in your area who will sell you some bees and hopefully will share some of their wisdom with you.


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