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Thread: Hive transfer

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    Some loggers came in on one of our places, and fell a tree full of honey Bees. I decided to help these cute little Bees out and built them a nice hive and put it on some blocks and set it up next to where there old hive is.
    After seeting up the hive, I added some honey and a trail of Lemon extract as a drawing influence, what are the chances of them moving in, and most of all, do any of you have ideas other than these of drawing bees to a new hive???


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    Bees in a log: Don't believe they will move out of the log, but you can get them out. There is a fast way and a slower way. If you can begin pouring water into the hollow log and if it will hold that water, you can slowly begin filling up the void and the bees will move out ahead of the water. They will cluster like a swarm and can be put into a hive. Another way is to take a five frame neuc box or a hive. Drill a small hole 1/2 to 1 inch in the back of the box. Make a way to set it up within ten or twelve inches of the bee entry in the log. Make a screen cone one end large enough to cover the opening in the log and the other small enough (about 1/4 inch opening) to go into the back of the hive. Put several frames of new brood into it along with the bees that were on the frames. The bees will leave the log through the hive and return to the hive and be unable to get back in the log. In several weeks even the queen should have left the log. Then remove the screen cone. Break up some of the comb in the log and the bees in the hive will rob out any honey that is there. Roy


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