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    On a two medium brood box hive that was ready for more space a queen excluder was used and then a medium honey super. Now this honey super is almost full of drawn comb and uncapped honey and it is time to add another super. Do I now remove the queen excluder before adding the next super?

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    If I was running a hive of all mediums, I'd add a box under the excluder that I will consider to be the brood nest. I condider three mediums a minium brood chamber and four better. Three mediums is the equivilant of two deeps. I would add it now. If the hive is really full of bees, including the super you now have, it might be a good time to add one above the excluder too. Or you could take the excluder out and add two under the one that's full of uncapped honey.

    To make all of this easier for the bees. Let's assume they need some of that honey that is now above the excluder for feeding brood and swap four frames of it to the first empty super above the current brood chamber. Two on each side on the outside of the box. That way they will have stores for the brood below or, if the queen moves into this box, for the brood in this box, but still have some empty foundation out in the middle for brood.

    So, in summary:

    If you want to run the hive with an excluder you want to have three or four mediums for the brood and then the excluder. You could add these now.

    If you want to run a hive without an excluder you can do basiclly the same thing but without the excluder.

    Either way I'd put a box on top of the current two box brood chamber and put honey in the outside two frames on the far left and the outside two frames on the far right. Then I'd put the box with the rest of the honey on with the four empty frames in the middle. Then I'd put the box with empty frames on. If you don't have this many boxes right now, then just put on what you have in some similar arrangement.

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    Agree with the comment that two mediums is not enough. Especially after this past winter. I have always gone with 1-1/2 and have been lucky with recent mild winters. With the stresses of mites, etc, a bigger wintering hive is my choice.

    Agree everything M.B said. I would choose to expand (brood) hive now, pump up the bee numbers, than harvest a nice fall honey flow that you should have in Kentucky. (As wet as its been, you may get honey on some level all summer long.) This knowing that the bees are ready for winter. Fall honey is a bit darker from the golden rod and the like, but its better than dead hives. I waited last year to let the hives store and prepare with the fall flow and it was nearly non-existant.
    Always take care of the bees first.

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    Thank you for being so informative and willing to answer a beginner.


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