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    Ok,now I'm feeling good,hived my first 4 packages this weekend,I was told I would get stung many times because there is a cold front moving through and they would be aggressive.Well have been waiting all year for them and watching all the blooms come and go.I had to do it.Well it was great and had alot of fun too.Learn to double check the queen cage and make sure I took the caps off,(had to go back into the first hive and remove the cap).
    Have already ordered the next 6 packages for this year,sometime this year anyway.After these I hope to breed and sell my own queens and package.
    Anyway never got stung,father got one on the neck but that because he was trying to remove one from his shirt.All in all a very good weekend.
    We are feeding sugar water and pollen patties to get them going.I did notice some crusing through the clover patch around non today.
    I noticed alot of house cleaning going on ,some dead bees being draged out,alot of bees hovering around the fronts,some coming and going,in and out.If someone had walked by and knew nothing about bee would have said they were attacking them ,but they are just getting oriented,I was able to sit 2 feet from the entrance and watch without any problems.
    I did have one package that was kinda small,1 to 2 pounds but I think they were the bussiest out of all 4.Looking forward to doing my first inspection when I go back and remove the queen cages,(the queens were added to the packages as I can't do a direct release.)
    I love it.
    Any tips or special things to look for these first few weeks?
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    Six tips:




    Leave the alone for the first couple of weeks (other than releasing the queens)

    Watch them alot

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