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    I have the opportunity to place a hive on a friends property. My concern is that where they want me to place the hive, there are chickens and goats about 25 feet away. I can have the hive face in the opposite direction of the animals, but I am not sure if this is too close or not. Any suggestions? Thanks again for all of your help.

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    Can the animals run away if needed? Can the animals get to the hives? Goats will knock them over on ocassion so they need to be fenced away from the hives. Also, if something happens and the bees turn vicious (something I've seen happen a few times) they need to be able to run away. I've seen really vicious bees attack things fifty yards from the hive and attack me 200 yards from the hive.

    I would not put them where the animals can't run away. My horses graze right in front of my hives, but they can leave anytime they want and the hives are fenced so the horses won't knock them over. The horses have gotten in anyway twice and knocked pretty much every hive over.


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