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    I live in the Pinelands of New Jersey (lots of pine trees) do the flowers, pollen and other sources for bees affect the taste of honey? I am planning on starting a hive soon.

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    The Composition of Honey

    When we consider the factors that contribute to the material we call "honey," it becomes obvious that simply to list the composition of an "average" honey is of limited value. The environment of the area from which the bees collect the nectar (and other sugar-containing materials), influences the types and variety of flora found therein and, hence, the specific composition of the honey.

    Honey is classified in several ways: by its source, by the season and/or location of production, its physical state, the means by which it is obtained, and by the form in which it is presented to the consumer.

    SOURCE - by this is meant the floral origin of the nectar from which it is derived; this may be from a specific dominating plant or a mixture of plants in bloom depending on the nature of the vegetation in the foraging area of the colony.

    SEASON - Honeys may be derived from a mixture of many floral nectars, with none predominating. These blends are generally characterized by the time of the year when harvested; depending upon the area, several such periods may occur, with the honey being characterized as "spring honey," "summer blend'" or "fall" (autumn) flowers. Honey may also be characterized as "mountain," "desert," etc.

    taken from: The Hive and the Honey Bee, Dadant & Sons, Inc.

    The answer to your question is yes.



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