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    I need to move a hive about 6 feet from where it is now. I am doing it myself, so I was going to take it apart and move it in pieces, so I can really close off the entrance and all that, and I dont really have the room to move it a little at a time, there is some farm equiptment between the new spot and the old spot. I was going to do it in the late afternoon or early evening, unless earlier in the day would be better. Will the bees that are out, especially cuz I'm going to have the hive tore apart, find their way to the new hive location?
    Am I making any sense?

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    I'd just disassemble the hive, and move
    it peicemeal. No biggie, as you can
    carry things 6 feet in seconds.

    Might make it easier if you set up
    another bottom board at the new
    location to get it leveled, but if you
    don't have a spare bottom board,
    simply checking level with a level
    works, too.

    And if it is the only hive in that area,
    the bees will figure out the changed
    location without any fuss - no need
    to move it a few feet at a time.


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