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    New poster here

    Headed in to my 3rd year with bees, and 2 days ago was the first time I attempted to split one of my hives. I've got old 8 frame equipment that I'm gradually switching over to 10 frame, so when I split this hive, the queen and 6 frames stayed in the old hive, and the other 10 frames, plus 1 frame that had 2 queen cells on it, into a new 10 frame body.

    Both hives were also relocated, as the original area I put the bees in when I started has grown much, and no longer is in the sun as much as it used to be. Actually moved the 2 hive about 10 feet in front of where they are now.

    My question... not much activity outside the hives 2 days later. I understand that the field bees that go out might return to the old location, but provided I left them with enough bees inside, that should be enough to do the work inside, and up the population with all the frames of brood that are in both hives.

    I'm assuming I'll see activity outside the hives increase as more time goes by in their new location, and new brood hatches. It's been in the 80's here, nice weather. One hive in the old location (in shade half the day) has lots of bees in and out.

    Should I be concerned? How long before I should expect to see a queen in that 'new' hive I made? The queen cells were still closed when I split.

    Sorry if I've rambled, and more sorry if I don't make sense *grin*


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    The best artical I've ever read on making splits.

    alot of other great info at

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