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    I was mulling over the idea of placing a 24" x 24" (or so) 1/4" treated plywood under the hive a bit and extending out well past the entrance.

    To deter skunks and racoons, what of the idea of imbedding sharp nails, staples, screws, etc from the underside. This would cause pain and injury to anything attempting to approach the bee entrance.

    It would also keep the entrance area free of weed growth.

    Has this been tried????

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    Actually you could just do the wood because the skunks like to roll the bees in the grass to get them to sting the ground and then they eat them. With the bare wood it doesn't work and they get stung.

    But some people put rolled up chicken wire or carpet tack strips on the front to deter them.

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    I put plastic carboard, under the elevated SBB. The damp soil, and termites have no effect on it. I haven't had any probems except after rains, the carboard doesn't lay flat, and holdes water in low areas. But then it dries up, and the bees are probably thankful they don't have so far to get it for the hive.

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    Im sure Drifter and Cotton can vouch for this. A coon will move the board to get to the hive. It would not suprise me if one would take the lid off, and pull out the frames one by one. I have seen coons do stranger things.


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    Yepper sparky but bet they wait for them to cluster first LOL . Would bet on the tack strip slow em down though if have them on wide enough .


    Some can learn by others mistakes , others have to whizz on the electric fence for themslves .

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    I put old carpet tack strips on the hive landing board. So that if any varmits decide to have a honeybee feast, they will have more than stingers in their paws.


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