I wanted to post an update last week but did not get a chance before leaving for a quick family visit/vacation/fly-fishing trip to New Mexico.

We checked the hives last Thursday, the 20th, and were we surprised! In one week, all three hives had 7-8 frames drawn and filled with pollen, nectar, syrup, and eggs. Nothing capped yet but full nevertheless.

The package that we put into two mediums had all moved up to the top and worked only it so we reversed them. For us, that answered our question about whether we preferred one or two mediums when hiving packages. We added another medium to the other two hives.

The queens had all been released and we found her in two of the hives but did not see her in one. However, there were single eggs in the cells so we assumed she was there.

There was quite a bit of burr comb especially around the queen cages which we removed. Fortunately, we had remembered to bring a damp towel with us. This was a very syrupy, sticky job.

The bees were incredibly gentle and they didn’t get too riled up over us opening the hives. It was interesting to hear the way the hive really revs up when they’re smoked.

I talked to my sister while on my trip. She and my brother-in-law have been watching the girls closely and said they were bringing in lots of pollen.

I didn’t get in until late yesterday but the first thing I’m doing after work today is to go visit our bees. We’re planning on checking them again on Saturday afternoon so I’ll probably post another update over the weekend.