Hello people !
Well here is my story.
I'm far away from home at the moment (at sea)
and the day after I left home one of my 2 hives swarmed and settled close to the hive. My wife (never been into a hive before !), after taking some advice from a local beekeeper coped very well and caught the bulk of the swarm (a big one). As I dont have the space or the equipment to make up a third hive for the swarm she then went through the origanal swarmed hive and cut out all the queen cells (there were a lot apperantly -maybe 20 !) and then shook the swarm into the brood box. A small cluster where the swarm had sttled still sits there though.
the question is - will they swarm again ? I will be home in 2 weeks and can try to sort this out. At the moment I'm thinking of reqeening as the queen was only a year old and was on brood and a half - I feel the strain is prone to swarming as its a regular occurence each year more or less.
I have 3 years experience in beekeeping.
Any advice, hints, tips greatly appreciated