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    First spring doing this.... The weather has been nice (amazingly?) and the pollen is coming in good. The maples and crocuses are in full bloom, a few dandelion, and the daffodils are just starting. I expect the honeyflow to start sometime around the beginning of May.
    I am planning on splitting at some point. I have started feeding the 1:1 syrup in a Miller-type feeder. They can clean up almost a gallon a day. I know I need to keep feeding till the honey flow, but how much? Do I give the what they will take? I don't want them filling up their boxes. Do I guess (a gallon a week)?

    thanks, rick

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    If they have enough stores, I'd just quit feeding. The problem with constant feeding is they will clog up the brood nest and that may lead to swarming. Just make sure they don't run low on stores to raise brood.


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