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    I saw the queen. I saw the queen. LOL Of course wouldn't you know it as soon as I saw her on the frame the dog comes bouncing down the trail to the hive. Of course the bees took care of the dog. HEHE The queen is huge. geez. I mean I've seen them before, but it's been a while. When I first saw her I was like what in the world is THAT in my hive. Now if only she had some room to lay eggs in. She was a bit aggitated walking around on the half drawn comb.

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    kookaburra Guest


    wow i was happy when I first spotted my queen, but I don't think I was that happy!!

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    rwjedi Guest


    Well ya gotta understand I only have one hive and it's been touch and go all spring and summer since I installed the package and queen. I must have killed my first queen soon after she started laying and they either made another queen or accepted the one I bought for them. And since I saw the original queen and then promptly squished her (probably) I haven't seen a queen except when I installed the replacement. Sure was a bit funny to see my goofy dog running off in to the woods trying to get the bees off of her. Maybe she'll stay away from the hive now.

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    Yea, I was doing the little happy dance the other day when I saw my new queen for the first time since I let her loose.

    And it is a lot more fun seeing the neighbors dog runny away after meeting the bees, or the electric fence.


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