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    I have my hives sitting on a wood frame, that is screened with #8 wire, the hives have top entrances. The screen frame is located 6-8 inches above a 4-foot, by 8-foot piece of plastic cardboard, (political signs). The plastic signs are laying on the ground. I want to use the water to wash the fallen debries, and "mites" from the plastic sheets. I'm sure some water might splach into the lower hive boxes. Is this whole idea seam like a good idea. Do you see any problems here?

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    I wish I had a dollar for everytime a lid blew off a hive in a bad rainstorm. They always seem to recover fine from that. I'm sure your spray will be MUCH less of an inconvenience than pouring down rain running in the top.

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    I don't see how a little water like you describe could possibly hurt. Last year tidal surge from hurricane Isabel put 4" of sea water into the bottom of all my hives. The bees just cleaned out that portion of the hives and proceeded as usual.


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