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    is it bad to work bees on cloudy days? I have a suit from golden bee, and didn't get any stings last time i worked them. Should you always use a little smoke when you open a hive? or does it really matter?

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    I often work them when it's a little cloudy because it's hard to find the time to get things done. Expect them to be grouchier than if it was sunny.

    I have tried the syrup in a spray bottle and no smoke and it is not very effective on a cloudy day or any other time that the bees might be grouchy. Smoke is much more effective.

    A little smoke makes a HUGE difference in the attitude of the bees.

    I had a hive recently I tried working without smoke, since there seem to be a lot of people who swear that the sugar spray works just as well. They were VERY hot and I was contemplating requeening them. Last time I worked them with smoke and they were just as aimiable as could be.

    Smoke works. It's been the standard method of calming bees for as long as any history has been written and probably for thousands of years before that.

    It is less disruptive to a hive to get smoked than to have a defensive reaction to an intrusion by the beekeeper.


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